Product Description

Our replacement orifices have longer 10-32 threads to insure proper seating under higher pressures. Orifice has a 1/4 hex head for easy replacement with a nut driver. All orifices are oxygen compatible and have a 10 micron filter installed on the inlet side. Orifices are shipped with a gasket installed. Maximum allowable inlet pressure is 175 psig.

The flow rate for a .003 orifice is approximately (.030 CFM or .85 LPM) with a constant inlet pressure of 160 psig. The flow rate is an approximated average and will vary between individual orifices and valve characteristics. Pressure of supply gas must be adjusted to set flow to required flow.

ATTN: Orifices can and will clog. It is recommended to keep a spare orifice on hand. Our OV1 control valves are designed for easy orifice replacement. The only tools needed are the correct allen wrench to fit the standard 1/2 port plug and a standard 1/4 inch nut driver.

WARNING: DO NOT OVERTIGTHEN ORIFICE INTO VALVE! Maximum torque is 8 lbs.-in. of force. Only two fingers are required to tighten orifice.

This orifice was designed for our valves only. This orifice will NOT work in certain other type valves.